Pasture Raised Chicken






Pasture raised chicken diets are naturally complemented with bugs, earthworms and other such critters that give them a huge nutritious boost. The pastured hen’s meat offers more nutritionally like Vitamin E, Folic acid and B-12, as well as more omega-3’s.  It’s extra work to pasture birds, but the chickens rarely need antibiotics when they live on a natural diet with plenty of space.
 Plus, we only use 100% Vegetarian Feed, free of hormones and antibiotics.



While we are currently not certified “organic” by the USDA due to the extensive costs involved with certification, our practices are “beyond organic.” Our customers can make an appointment to visit Woodstock Sustainable Farms and witness directly the care and process by which their food is actually raised.


All of our meat and poultry are processed according to strict USDA regulations and are available for sale at our farm in Woodstock, CT. We also distribute through local farmers markets in Boston, Providence, Hartford and Westchester.


I have been eating chickens and serving chicken in my restaurants for most of the past 75 years. My brother in law was Frank Perdue the chicken man, and I tell you that was a damn good bird you gave me. Lots of meat, cooked up very well and was delicious. Many thanks, Barclay

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