Pasture Raised Lamb

Our Sheep:


Our goal is to produce happy, healthy lambs on pasture. We raise mainly Katahdin sheep, a meat breed best known for its coat of hair rather than wool.  Please contact us regarding pricing and availability.


Their Housing:


Our sheep remain out in the field most of the year and return to the barn in late fall to hunker down for the winter. We practice rotational grazing, moving the sheep to a fresh paddock every four or five days. We feel that this model most closely mimics these herbivore’s natural grazing tendencies.


Their Protection:


We use electronet fencing along with our livestock guardian dog, Shep, to keep the sheep safe from predators. Shep is a Maremma, a breed originally from Italy that has been used for centuries to protect livestock.


All of our meat and poultry are processed according to strict USDA regulations and are available for sale at our farm in Woodstock, CT. We also distribute through local farmers’ markets in Boston, Providence, Hartford and Westchester.

Please contact us for more information!