Wind & Solar


Local Power


Woodstock Sustainable Farms’ newest project is the construction and completion of an onsite DC microgrid. A microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electrical grid. We generate electricity using the wind and sun.



For decades, the relationship between the average U.S. resident and the power grid that supplies electricity has hung on an outdated, centralized system that wastes power and occasionally fails to meet everyone’s needs. In 1996, for example, a damaged power line in Oregon left 12 million customers in eight states without power. Using smaller DC microgrids could significantly increase the reliability and efficiency of our electrical system.

Independent Power


Solar panels and a wind turbine produce 380 volt DC power which is then converted to 220V AC power, supplying all the electricity for the main house, carriage house, barns, and garages.


The wind turbine, inverter technology, and DC Microgrid software utilized in this project are from Pika Energy.