Woodstock BioChar


Integrated BioChar Heat System

Biochar is a term used for biomass charcoal derived from plant materials. It is essentially charcoal, produced by a controlled burn of biomass, usually wood.


Currently, all of our main structures at Woodstock Sustainable Farms are heated cheaply and efficiently using this system.


Woodstock BioChar, LLC designs, manufactures and sells the Integrated BioChar Heat System, utilizing advanced technology specifically optimized for organic farms.  Integral to each Woodstock Integrated BioChar Heat System is advanced clean air and combustion technology from ClearStak®—combining computerized regulation of burn rate to maximize combustion efficiency, plus pollution control systems to minimize visible emissions.

Our free-standing, skid-mounted units require minimal site preparation, and are available with matched thermal storage units, enabling farms to easily configure just the right level of heat generation to meet current and future demand.


This ultra-efficient system generates heat for outbuildings, greenhouses and living spaces while producing BioChar, a primary ingredient in a highly-effective organic fertilizer formulation.





The charcoal is ground up, mixed with compost, and added to the soil as an amendment.  It is applauded for its sponge-like ability to soak up nutrients, keeping them in the topsoil and available to plant’s roots.   It also retains much of the carbon from the original wood, carbon that remains buried rather than released to the atmosphere had the wood decomposed naturally on the surface. Healthier plants and a healthier planet!


We burn only dead and downed timber, or invasive species—all collected from Wyndham Land Trust protected forests—helping to maintain a truly healthy, ecologically-sound environment.


Look into the environmental and efficiency advantages our Integrated BioChar Heat System can bring to your operation. Contact us for more information on sizing, design assistance, costs and delivery.