WSF Supply Chain

What is the WSF Supply Chain?


A Backyard Farmer is a land owner who participates in raising healthy food for our community as well as their family by committing to pasture-raising chickens as part of WSF. The relationship is temporary (typically an 8-week cycle in the summer). WSF provides the backyard farmer with chicks that are ready for the outdoors, non-GMO feed, and supplies; WSF will facilitate processing the chickens at the end of the 8 week cycle. Backyard Farmers provide the labor and adhere to the guidelines.


Hybrid Farmers are already passionate and well established small farmers when we begin our partnership. They will work as part of the WSF network and will distribute under our label and share the costs of raising livestock.


Both Backyard Farmers & Hybrid Farmers are


  • subject to an application process and regular inspections
  • working closely with WSF Farmers to ensure that all WSF animals are raised with high standards for humane treatment, including proper diet & fresh clean pastures
  • compensated in top quality pasture-raised meats and poultry resulting directly from their labor


Here are some the benefits of being a WSF Backyard Farmer:

  • You eat locally and affordably! For each session of growing you will receive … whole chickens- USDA processed, packaged and frozen. Enjoy a meatier bird with a higher nutritional value and better flavor.
  • You not only validate your family’s food source – you are directly involved. Farming provides invaluable life lessons in responsibility, care, compassion, patience, and the cycle of life.
  • You contribute to a larger vision for accessible healthy eating.
  • Your land becomes not only fertilized but also utilized! You can help to eliminate the use of harmful fertilizers, pesticides and other wasteful farming techniques.